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Countdown to Dad 2.016

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The conference I have been waiting for is now only 7 days away! And it's only a short drive to Washington, DC! The Dad 2.0 Summit, an event aimed at dad bloggers, is “an opportunity to learn the tools and tactics used by influential bloggers to create high-quality content, build personal brands, and develop business ideas.” I am so excited to meet a ton of cool and influential people, learn new ideas on how to take Lunch Note Sketch to the next level, and play with drones.

I am excited to hand out a lot of these business cards. I hope people like them as much as I do.

I am really hoping to get a lot out of this amazing opportunity. It has all been made possible by the folks at Dad 2.0 Summit and the Miller Grant. I submitted an essay and was selected as one of 17 grant recipients to receive a free conference ticket and $500 for travel expenses. I am so grateful for the chance to really make an impact with Lunch Note Sketch and I hope to learn as much as I can from everyone I will meet there.

So, about those drones… there are a number of really great companies sponsoring the Dad 2.0 Summit and it will be great to interact with all of them. Best Buy is hosting a drone excursion that will take place at Hope Flower Farm in Northern Virginia. We will be eating barbecue, flying drones, and making videos. If that’s not an awesome experience, then let me tell you about another sponsor: LEGO. LEGO will be hosting a party at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History’s newly opened Innovation Wing for what is being called “A Night at the Museum.” Attendees will have access to a number of exhibits, as well as meet with a LEGO Master Builder, as we spend the evening playing with friends.

I plan on sharing a lot from this conference. So be on the lookout in the future to see/hear what I learned and how I plan to use my new knowledge. Let’s get creative!