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Giving Back

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This holiday season Lunch Note Sketch is giving back. For every dollar spent in our shop we are going to donate 35 cents to a great cause: the Robin and Mani All Buddy Camp. From now until Christmas day 2015 we will be donating to this camp that encourages creativity.

Robin and Mani’s All Buddy Camp helps 4-5 year old students with disabilities build self-esteem, develop better social skills and self-expression, and improve fine and gross motor skills by partnering with local high school students as “buddies.” The program is centered on the creative arts, fun, and field trips.

Robin Aldridge was a long time special education teacher and advocate. She was my daughter’s first school teacher and really encouraged her creativity. She is one of the reasons my daughter loves to draw and paint, and I can’t think of a better cause to support this holiday season. I am thankful for her role in my daughter’s education.

Please support this wonderful cause by either purchasing something from our shop or by visiting their page and donating directly to the camp.