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Students Make Their Own Lunch Note Sketches

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Lunch Note Sketch was recently approached by a local elementary school teacher, Mrs. Pie, to help with an art lesson she was giving. Her role as instructor for the after school program was to help about a dozen students ranging in age from 4 to 10 spend their afternoon working on something creative. Some of the students were already aware of Lunch Note Sketch, or at least the illustrations, so coming up with a lesson would be focused on getting the children to make their own inspirational sticky note art.

In addition to the sticky note lesson, Lunch Note Sketch was tasked with creating a coloring book in the LNS style as a memento for participating in the day's lesson. The hope is that the students will be reminded of the lesson in creativity they received that day.

The theme of the coloring book was "Let's Get Creative!" The bio inside the cover page read:

Presented by Lunch Note Sketch, "Let’s Get Creative" was created to combine fun and creativity through the art of coloring.  Our mission is to provide smile-inducing sketches in hopes of sparking a child’s interest in the arts and to encourage creative thinking. 

This special-edition coloring book was created for Mrs. Pie’s “Creation Station” HCE Club to encourage your child to keep imagining, creating, and exploring their world.

I'm happy and excited to report that the class was a huge success! Some students made a variety of inspirational and/or motivational notes that really captured the essence of Lunch Note Sketch. Some students utilized just pencil, while others colored elaborate works of art. There was even one student who created his own mouse character much like the characters seen in the daily LNS notes. Two students created enough notes to share with their classmates and teachers the following day at school.

I was so pleased to see the variety of thoughts these children put down on paper. The creativity was definitely flowing on this particular afternoon. All of the images you see in this blog post were made in that one art lesson. Thanks to Mrs. Pie for taking so many great photos so that I could share it with the community.

I hope you enjoy all these great works of art and appreciate the students' creativity and artistic abilities as much as I do. I am given hope as the next generation of students share and carry some creativity through their lives. Now, let's get creative!