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Now Introducing the Lunch Note 10-Pack

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We did it! We finally launched our first Lunch Note Sketch product: the Lunch Note 10-Pack! We listened to all the people who have expressed interest in putting some of the sketches in their own child's lunches. So, if you are a parent who wants to add a special note to your child's lunch, or if you're short on time, this 10-pack of notes is perfect for adding a little fun and creativity to your loved one's day. 

The notes are about the size of a square business card and fit nicely in most lunch containers. With this lunch note pack you will enjoy 10 different smile-inducing illustrations that include the following:

There are 10 different smile-inducing notes in this little package.

There are 10 different smile-inducing notes in this little package.

  • Ask Thoughtful Questions
  • Be A Leader
  • Believe In Yourself
  • Enjoy The Adventure
  • Have A Super Day
  • Have Fun
  • Tell A Story
  • Today's The Day To Get Stuff Done
  • Work Hard
  • You Are Mighty

There are plenty of other uses besides putting them in a lunchbox. You could add these notes in holiday cards, hand out to deserving co-workers, or simply use them as little bits of art. Let us know how you're using them by sending us an email or posting on social media using the #LunchNoteSketch hashtag.

As we figure out the logistics behind packaging and shipping we are currently only selling our products to folks located in the United States. We will hopefully ship internationally in the near future.