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Creativity Beyond Pencil and Paper

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To be able to actually come up with an idea and then see it in your hands, and then be able to press a button and have it be in millions of peoples’ hands. I think we’re the first generation in the world that’s really ever had that kind of experience.
— Drew Houston
Creator of Dropbox

Today, I came across this video from 2013 about coding and find it quite inspirational. While the Lunch Note Sketch community currently focuses on creativity in the classical sense -- pens, pencils, paper, etc. -- coding is quickly becoming the next generation of creative thinking. While computers and coding have been around for more than a generation now, only fairly recently has the craft taken off. It is a subject in school that requires specialized knowledge from the teachers, many of whom have not been exposed to or expected to become experts in it.

My background is in design and development. I have spent years creating websites using typical coding language like HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and the like. I also taught myself Flash Actionscript in the early 2000s when Flash was being used to create great interactive and animated experiences. The great thing about all of these languages is that they’re similar and/or build off each other, yet they each offer their own rewards. With coding becoming more popular it makes sense for kids to become more knowledgable about it even if they think their future careers won’t need it. I plan to teach my kids about code as they get older, in addition to the classic arts, just so they can be more well-rounded.

I hope you enjoy the video and let’s keep pushing the envelope of creativity.