Lunch Note Sketch

Build A Rocket

LNS in Action, FunLunch Note SketchComment

This is what a 4-year old, a box, markers, tape, and scissors looks like. Lots of fun and imagination. :-)

The process for sketching is never really defined. Sometimes the "Thing To Do" takes place before the sketch is done. Today's sketch is a good example. Yesterday I was playing with my daughter and had a blast (pun intended) turning an ordinary box into a rocket that provided us entertainment throughout the evening. This experience gave me the idea to create a sketch called "Build A Rocket."

With a box, markers, tape, scissors, and a lot of imagination we were able to turn this ordinary box into a rocket ship complete with an eject button, a cardboard pet dog/cat taped to the side, and lots of smiles. Her imagination runs wild and I wouldn't have it any other way! The whole reason I sketch a note everyday is to show that there is a lot we can do -- both kids and adults -- to insert a little fun and creativity in to our day. This image shows the true essence of Lunch Note Sketch. Let's get creative!