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Summer Break Comes To A Close

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Today officially marks the end of this year's summer break. Everyday for the past 65 days I have sketched something to do in an effort to get my kids thinking about how they could spend their time. Some ideas were pre-planned (like taking a trip or going to the zoo) and others sadly never happened (like learning magic or riding rollercoasters). But overall I thought the summer was a success.

65 sketches for the 65 days of summer.

Over the past 65 days while I focused on the Summer Break List Of Things To Do series, the Lunch Note Sketch community grew quite a bit on social media. Facebook saw an increase of 169% in page likes and Instagram followers almost tripled.

Best on Facebook
The highest performing sketch on Facebook was "Pray." It had a reach of 209, was clicked 32 times, and had 25 likes, comments, or shares. I created this sketch after learning of a family emergency and clearly it was probably one of the quickest sketches done all summer.

Best on Instagram
The top performing sketch on Instagram was "Ride A Rollercoaster." That sketch received 35 likes. Oddly enough, this is one of only a few sketches that we were not able to follow through on. The day we planned on going to the fair was a day filled with storms. There's always next summer, though. :-)

Personal Favorite
Of all 65 sketches that I had done, my favorite has to be the "Hug Your Dad" sketch. Obviously, I like the message given that I am a father myself, but I really liked the way the characters turned out in that drawing and the cleanliness of the text.

Quickest Sketch
There was a lot of time dedicated to these sketches. I'm not sure how many total hours it took, but the quickest sketch ("Relax") probably took only 5 minutes to come up with and post online. This particular drawing was done at the end of a wonderful beach vacation. It was my abstract ode to the ocean meeting the sky on the horizon.

Most Time-Consuming Sketch
The longest sketch, due to the fact it went beyond the typical sticky note (it was in fact 11 sticky notes connected together) was the "Build A Tower" conglomerate. The concept came fairly quickly, but the sketching and the logistics of posting it online took over 3 hours. You can read more about it and see the full piece in the blog post that was written.

I hope you enjoyed the Summer Break List Of Things To Do series of sketches. If you have a favorite sketch, please share it in the comments or on social media. Now, it's time to start sketching for school lunches. :-)