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Reconnect With An Old Friend

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Over three decades ago I was given a blanket that I would always carry with me. This blue plaid blanket became the item I couldn’t sleep without for years. I loved that blanket. The years past and I eventually forgot about it—not knowing where it ended up. Well, when my first daughter was about 1 or so, my mother brought that blanket out of storage and gave it to her as a gift. After just a little bit of time with this 30-year old rag-of-a-blanket it came time to discard it. The edges were fraying, the dyes were faded, and the poor blanket looked like it was time to be recycled.

My daughter, on the other hand, had other plans. She was adamant about keeping it. So, after talking with some family who know a thing or two about sewing and fabrics, we decided to see if we could get it fixed. What that meant we didn’t know. Ultimately, my mother took it to someone she knew who had some experience giving new life to old blankets. After months of not having her blanket my mother told us that it was done and ready to come home. Before we made the trip to Grammy’s house I did a sketch to get my daughter excited about seeing her newly improved friend. She was so happy and excited to see her blanket that it nearly brought tears to my eyes. Now she won't go to bed without it. :-)

It doesn’t matter if you reach out to an old college buddy or if you resurrect a favorite childhood toy, if you have the chance, try to reconnect with an old friend. The joy can be contagious.