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For this edition of Monday Motivation, it is my pleasure to introduce to you a snack bag artist and mother of 3, Kari Jones. Her fun, quirky art brings a dose of pop culture to her children and her fans. The snack bags make for a great conversation starter, too. You can find more of Kari's work on Instagram and Pinterest.

Tell me a little bit about your background... Who you are; what made you interested in art?  

I am a born and raised New Yorker.  A mother to three amazing kids, two sons Ethan (12), and Eli (4), and a daughter Ryleigh (8). I work in Code Enforcement/Building and Zoning for the town in which I live.  I have always been interested in art.  As a child I would draw/doodle on everything, including every inch of my bedroom walls.

Who are your current art inspirations and how do they affect your art process?  

I pull a lot of inspiration for bag designs from my children and their interests.  There have been many more Pokemon requests than anything else.  I also pull inspiration from my own childhood favorites, as well as movies and music.

What made you start sketching on lunchbags?  

In September 2014, I began creating Snackbag Art as a way to ease tension my daughter had about starting full-day Kindergarten.  Building a bridge between school and home, these bags have served as a conversation starter for her with her classmates, as well as a way to instill excitement for the following day.  To date, I have created well over 450 snackbags.

What are your thoughts on the art community in your area?  

There is a beautiful gallery at a private college located in our town.  Also, our county has recently developed a Community Arts Council in our area.  To be entirely honest, while I love the development of these programs, I am not very active in the art community outside our home.

How have your children changed your life, both personally/professionally as an artist?

My children are my life's greatest asset.  Everything revolves around them, and their happiness and well-being. Through Snackbag Art, they have encouraged my motivation to create art daily.  90% of the art that I create is for them.

How are they involved in your art?  

Many of the ideas that have become snackbag pieces have come from them.  They often like to sit and watch the process, adding input as far as character position, coloring and size.  Without their interest in my art, I doubt I would be as determined as I am.

How has your background as an artist affected your children? Do you think having an artist mom helps inspire their creativity?

I absolutely believe art itself has inspired the kids.  They have these incredible ideas, and often sketch them out themselves before presenting them to me.  I love that art has become so prevalent in our home and family.  I think more than anything, their creativity inspires me as an artist.

I would like to thank Kari for taking the time to participate in this interview. More importantly, I would like to thank her for utilizing her artistic abilities and creativity to make a difference in her kids' lives. Don't forget to show Kari some love on Instagram and Pinterest.

Is there a parent who is an artist you know who could provide us some Monday motivation? If so, please send me their name and a link to their work (or social media account) to LunchNoteSketch@gmail.com. I would love to feature him/her.