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Monday Morning Motivation

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Volume 4 of Monday Morning Motivation is a special interview. This week, I have the opportunity to highlight my father-in-law, Ken Wagle. Ken is an artist that is incredibly skilled in numerous media, including painting, sculpture, scrimshaw, air brush, and drawing (both pen/paper and digital), among others. He is always found with a sketchbook or iPad in hand drawing Santas, wildlife, or ships. 

Monday Morning Motivation

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Today, I have the pleasure of interviewing a father of two, and fellow Disney, Pixar, and Looney Tunes fan, Dave Wilhelm. Dave has been sending his kids to school with character drawings that show off his amazing talent as an illustrator. Each day when I view his work, I have all sorts of childhood memories resurface because of the love I had for some of these characters when I was a kid.

Monday Morning Motivation

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Over the past 650 days, I have had the pleasure of interacting with some amazing artists and parents. In hopes of inspiring others like I have been inspired, Lunch Note Sketch will highlight an individual every other week for some Monday morning motivation. If you know anyone who might have interest in being interviewed, please send me a note with his/her name and contact information and he/she might get feature right here on this blog and on social media.

Interview with DaddiLife

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This little project called Lunch Note Sketch has opened up tremendous opportunities over the past year. Sketching a note for 366 days in a row was certainly an accomplishment. Well, earlier this week I had the privilege of speaking with DaddiLife to answer a few questions about Lunch Note Sketch. This interview was for a new section on their website titled "Heroes." DaddiLife is a website that provides a series of articles, media and supportive community built specifically for the modern day dad. It is quite an honor when someone reaches out for an interview, but I feel truly blessed to be considered for an interview about dad heroes.

So, please head over to DaddiLife, check out the interview, and leave a comment on their site!