Lunch Note Sketch

Celebrating 700 Days in a Row

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Well, I have reached a new milestone. It has been 700 consecutive days of lunch notes! To celebrate, I thought I would give something back. I started posting lunch notes online as a way to hopefully build a community from which I could find inspiration. After a week of posting lunch notes, I thought I would quickly run out of ideas. I mean, how many different ways can you tell a 4-year-old to have a super day?

Monday Morning Motivation

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Volume 4 of Monday Morning Motivation is a special interview. This week, I have the opportunity to highlight my father-in-law, Ken Wagle. Ken is an artist that is incredibly skilled in numerous media, including painting, sculpture, scrimshaw, air brush, and drawing (both pen/paper and digital), among others. He is always found with a sketchbook or iPad in hand drawing Santas, wildlife, or ships. 

Monday Morning Motivation

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Today, I have the pleasure of interviewing a father of two, and fellow Disney, Pixar, and Looney Tunes fan, Dave Wilhelm. Dave has been sending his kids to school with character drawings that show off his amazing talent as an illustrator. Each day when I view his work, I have all sorts of childhood memories resurface because of the love I had for some of these characters when I was a kid.